WATCH LIVE: White House coronavirus task force holds news briefing — March 30, 2020

WATCH LIVE: White House coronavirus task force holds news briefing — March 30, 2020

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“WATCH LIVE: White House coronavirus task force holds news briefing — March 30, 2020” için 36 yanıt

Great leadership, American are so fortunate to have such amazing president!
Our prime minister and mayor of Toronto hiding,…Country is not prepared for pandemic.

Your almighty military can't fight this invisible germ war..you have been use to killing humans..and humans are use to killing people. i believe god is angry with us for our hate for many years i wonder will we learn to love from this now we know there is a force more powerful than man.

During the first couple of months while Event201 in China was taking place real time, the deadly virus possibly a bioweapon in process of going global, the democrat's were focused on the exact same thing they've been focused on since day one the President took office, they're failed impeachment hoax. To date not a single reporter has asked a democrat any questions concerning the valuable time and taxpayer dollars wasted on they're political gaming while China lied people died an now the world is being badly affected.Just like they're Russia hoax and impeachment hoax they'll try to use this to against the President with the help as usual from they're media. Journalism, investigating reporting facts objectively has been replaced by evil globalist

Ironic that Sec.Azar warned Trump on this threat mid-January.Yet Trump did nothing but lie for the
next two months. Instead of preparing the Nation and its people. Now he's playing catch-up ball.
The delay and lies allowed the Virus to explode, causing untold suffering and deaths for thousands

I do not believe for one minute that there will be 1 million cases without social distancing. The Oxford University model argued that we already have a lot of herd immunity in the population. Essentially, politicians who did not study STEM are naively listening to prophets of doom but come on scientists, you know as well as I do, I have been in this business myself for 30 years, that most of what we do is not a "real job" but we are in the business of manufacturing papers and theories most of which cannot model the real world. In Europe we now have lockdowns which will destroy the economy for years to come.

He already told us he doesn't care about people dying. (get back to work) he ordered the nation just days ago. He didn't change his mind all of a sudden he's lying. Too little too late for some. People have died already because there was no testing three months into the pandemic. They got their test through autopsy. Collateral damage because of Trump's learning curve.

He always lies & deflects when there is something he did wrong instead of being an adult and facing it. America gets lies to over & over by him & he says he wants praise instead of giving an answer. This guy is going to ruin this country.

Is this practise of senior Administration personnel parroting the contrived phrase ‘Thank you Mr President for your leadership’ after they have spoken in the presence of Trump a conventional American protocol or something required (either explicitly or implicitly) by Trump? From an Australian perspective it seems like an obsequious contrived ‘suck up’ to pander to a fragile egotist.

well he is speaking his words more clearly, must have sent him out before his next dosage of medication. Needless to say I WON'T be watching anymore I try and give him a chance to sound presidential lately but last time is was traumatic, and this was on by accident after the PBS news hour and I was busy. Now muted now I can get into my volume.,, he is such a loser…its so embarrassing. I can't wait till the stock market plunges again and stays when the unemployment numbers keep going up…and his chances of reelection are shot once and for all.

The bafoon orange man is not modeling good sanitation protocol during this briefing. Everyone is touching the podium, he is backslapping people and not distancing himself. How outrageous to have the bible thumper pillow boy make his inappropriate "off the cuff" statements. How will we ever recover from this arrogant criminals behavior.

Democrats hope for a recession and millions of deaths because that's the only way Joe Biden can win. They need people desperate to vote for him. He doesn't have the policies that swing state voters want. So his only hope is death and people being unemployed. That's the only way people will turn against Trump and vote for him. Joe should drop out.

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