Steve Schmidt: If You Can’t Beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, You Can’t Beat Trump | MSNBC

Steve Schmidt: If You Can’t Beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, You Can’t Beat Trump | MSNBC

On Joe Biden’s current standing in the race for the Democratic nomination. Steve Schmidt says that “If you can’t beat Mayor Pete and you can’t beat Bernie Sanders and you can’t beat Amy Klobuchar, you lose your standing to claim that, ‘Hey, I’m going to beat Donald Trump.’” Aired on 02/11/20.
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Steve Schmidt: If You Can’t Beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, You Can’t Beat Trump | MSNBC


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“Steve Schmidt: If You Can’t Beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, You Can’t Beat Trump | MSNBC” için 43 yanıt

Been an avid viewer for the last 8 years. I was leaning Biden because your coverage. But when he was flopping and you guys kept on Bernie. It got me interested as of why are you so scared of this old man. Then I realized. I need to be here. Now am a Bernie brah. Btw am 42y. Not a millennial. And not My first rodeo.

I congrat Bernie for a win, but I don't think he will be nominated. The Democratic primary has revealed a truth, the voters are looking for a Moderate candidate, someone younger, fresh, and female for the job. Buttigieg is just too young this time around, and his resume is thin. I could be wrong, but let's not count Amy Klobuchar out yet. She is the one to watch in the upcoming weeks

Bloomberg is a racist corporate oligarch who the mainstream media is pushing. MSNBC you aren't "rebel liberals," you're The mainstream media, a corporate monstrosity who only cares about your bottom line and shareholders, who are rich men who eat from the same troth as Trump and Bloomberg. Bloomberg will NEVER win over black people, being seen by us as "Mr Stop and Frisk" the maniacal Midtown midget. You are not fooling us by downplaying Bernie while you try to corral the consensus around someone who will only protect corporate interests. This is a typical media tactic, manufacturing consensus, normalizing a country that provides no Healthcare to its citizens, a country that bankrupts students before they even graduate from college. One million people are incarcerated in the prison industrial complex, most of whom are black and brown. This is modern day slavery, a loophole in the 13 the Amendment that allows for prisoners to work for free, continuing slavery by another name. Let's not even talk about your slave catcher brutal policing policies in communities of color. Latin American children are dying in cages at the border with no one seeming to care. Your country is a cruel sadistic shi$hole. Its only hope is a radical about face. So please don't insult my intelligence with your wacked mind control tactics, a not so subtly promotion of a New York oligarch politician who is no different than the monster in the WH right now.

This is the guy who worked to get Sarah Palin was elected. He has said “America will choose a psychopath over a socialist any day” But Republicans labeled Obama a socialist and ran a psychopath, Palin, against him. How did that turn out Steve?

If Steve Schmidt says once more "the sociopath beats the socialist" he should think of another line. MSNBC hires all these ex Republicans experts to advise Democrats who to vote for, why?

They don't mention the front runner. MSNBC be aware that we aren't stupid. We aren't lemmings being lead off of the cliff of your choosing. Start turning into CNN and watch your viewership become increasing disillusioned with your coverage and turn to media on YouTube.

The first thing that Bloomberg needs is for everybody to forget that he's a Republican billionaire who endorsed the nightmarish Iraq war, and endorsed George Bush instead of Vietnam veteran John Kerry. The second thing he needs is for people of color, and anybody who values justice, to forget that he implented the most racially egregious public policy, in Stop and Frisk, since Jim Crow up and until Trump's evil family separations.

Michael Bloomberg is an oligarch, who seeks to perpetuate an economic status quo that is failing the majority of Americans. Time to put a leash on the greed.

MSNBC, you're getting really ugly pushing advise from Republicans like its somehow common sense. Time for you talking heads to do the right thing by this nation and start reporting the economic truths that the majority of Americans are facing. But you won't, will you? You'll keep serving yourself at the expense of the American people.

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